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Spectrum Engineering final assembly line for the 3400A product.

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland Colorado, Spectrum Engineering has been doing customer specific electrical engineering product design for unique niche markets since 1999. We offer to our customers the advantage of speed-to-marketplace and competitive pricing in the areas of efficient electronic switching controllers for control of either AC and DC motors, as well as specialized industrial electronic controls and measurement systems designs. We design as well as manufacture our own products for our customers. With our design emphasis on manufacturability and testability, we insure competitive pricing and maintain high quality standards for each of our products. Moreover, to meet our high volume manufacturing objectives, we are affiliated with Summit Technologies, Inc. (www.sumtechinc.com), a contract manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing.

The following is a presentation of products which Spectrum Engineering has designed to solve specific customer problems to meet specific customer applications. These products among others are currently manufactured by Spectrum Engineering for its customers. If you believe that we may be able to supply your company with a needed product design for a specific application that may be similar to the products shown below, please don't hesitate to email us at info2000@spectrum-engineering.com.



Shown above is a 3 HP electronic thyristor controlled power supply used with either 117 VAC or 240 VAC service. This power supply conditions and monitors power to a 3 HP AC universal motor. It keeps track of total motor running time via a non-volatile time meter, and has over current and over temperature shutdown features.




Show above is a 3400A 12 VDC 20 Amp motor speed controller. This controller was designed to handle reversed power input and short circuited power output with absolutely no electrical stress to any of its electrical components.




Shown above is an electronic hand held remote controller used to apply a controlled and automated torque to a hydraulic torque wrench. This unit was designed to interface with an operator using an LCD type display and keypad. It uses EEROM to store specific customer tool parameters and remember customer tool preferences.




Shown above is an electronic torque meter display readout unit which has 0.02% precision resolution using a precision dual-slope A/D converter. This LCD readout torque meter was designed to run over 200 hours on a single set of batteries, as well as meet a constrained package volume requirement.




Shown above is an open frame 3410A 48 VDC 20 Amp motor speed controller designed to meet a specific customer application whereby the input voltage to the controller may vary between 24 VDC and 48 VDC, but the output voltage must remain constant. The controlling potentiometer and power switch are off-board.




Shown is a model 330 bar code reader and printer paper mover, which  simultaneously moves and reads a bar code printed by the printer on check paper. This unit sits atop an HP 2200D printer which sits in an ATM-like machine in normal operation. This product was designed to meet a specific customer application whereby the magnetic MICR bar code printed on a check which passes out of the HP 2200D printer must be read by the 330 which communicates this information back to the controlling computer via an RS-232 interface for check integrity purposes.